Mobile Banking

mobile banking is an easy way to access your bank account with flexibilities of easier transfer of funds without risk.

Basic Features:

  • Permanent tie between the bank and retail/corporate customers
  • Comprehensive, anywhere 24x7 easy banking
  • Minimize visits to the bank (better service for walk-in customers)
  • Support for administrative tasks, approvals, password change, data synchronization and self-audit
  • Helps marketing team in introducing new services and promotions (Advertising Channels & Demographic database)
  • Smooth and efficient migration of existing phone/web banking towards the mobile banking

B2B products

MG-Group's B2B is to harness the power of information to help business leaders make the best purchase decisions and to help marketers sell to those leaders. This information has to be delivered in the form that is easiest for business people to use in the context of their professions. The quality and timeliness of this information allows the MG-IT's B2B Media Portal to forge strong relationships with readers and users that in turn will make us a powerful marketing partner with our advertisers.

Made in Tunisia B2B

Tunisia has set up for years of support mechanisms and supporting businesses to export.. On 25 April 2007, new presidential measures were undertaken to restructure and promote electronic commerce in Tunisia.
With this in mind, Tunisia Place Market (TPM) a lancée : une plate-forme B2B en ligne des produits et opportunités d’affaires (comme le fait eBay pour les produits de grande consommation B2C). launched B2B platform online products and business opportunities (such as eBay for consumer goods B2C). The "system"-in-www.made is composed primarily of a "Business Exchange “inter enterprises" see a "Bank Business Opportunities" dedicated primarily to Tunisian exporters and potential exporters. Specifically, it includes the community of industrialists, merchants, service providers Tunisians in one platform to exhibit and promote products and services in Tunisia: Textile, Food, electrical components, mechanical parts or services to value added ( call center services or Telecom ...)


We help small-medium-sized enterprises  in this digital economy and strives to work across the public sector advising on, co-ordinate with and provide tools and solutions to drive enterprises successfully both locally as well as globally. We strive to provide excellent but low cost solutions, high return on investment and reduce total cost of ownership. We deliver services to businesses and consumers that assist them to conduct their business affairs effectively

MG-Group and   Alpah Digital solution as joint venture - provide AlphaERP. In Sultanate of Oman. (

Alpha Group, (established in 1985) is one of the software leaders in the Middle East  having branches in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan. Its main purpose is to provide the market with business integrated software that enhances companies' ability to generate ad hoc reports on a timely, accurate, and comprehensive basis, thus supporting managers in their decision making process.

E-content  Solution

MG-Group offers  in enterprise content management and educational software to major cooperates and government sectors. Our  developed  solution are used by big governmental sites on Arabian countries