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Steel Beam

Carbon steel structural beams are manufactured in two configurations. Both are constructed with a vertical web in the center of the beam, with horizontal flanges on top and bottom. The structure of the beam provides superior load-bearing support.

Standard Beams – Also known as Junior Beams, S Beam, or I Beams have tapered flanges for increased strength of the flanges. Wide Flange Steel Beams - Also known as W Beams or H Beams have non-tapered flanges that are wider than the standard S or I beams. I- and H- beams are widely used in the construction industry to provide support for buildings and load-bearing walls. They are available in a variety of standard sizes and selected based on the applied load for the required application. I-beams may be used both as beams and as columns.


Construction support beams for commercial and residential construction Support frames and columns for trolley ways, lifts and hoists Mezzanines and platforms Trailer and truck bed framing


Construction support beams for commercial and residential construction Mezzanines and platforms Bridges Trailer and truck bed framing Machine bases Dhofar Steel carries I- and H- beams in A36, A992 and A588 carbon steel alloys.


  • A36 BEAM
    Typical applications include riveted, bolted or welded construction of bridges and buildings, and for general structural use...
  • A992 BEAM
    A structural steel containing small additions of vanadium or columbium, copper, nickel, chrome, and molybdenum. The major advantage of A-992 is its better material definition.
  • A588 BEAM
    Strength with atmospheric corrosion resistance. Approximately four times carbon structural steel without copper. Reduced weight and maintenance compared to other grades of carbon steel.